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Product Description

Gold is premium performance gas engine oil specially developed for vehicles running on CNG/LPG
or duel fuels. This oil is formulated from premium quality base oil and specially engineered additives chemistry to provide superior detergency, dispersancy and engine protection against wear and
corrosion. It is universal multi- grade engine oil for passenger cars, vans and light trucks with petrol
engines, naturally aspirated diesel engines and LPG fueled engines.


Prolongs the life of valves and spark plugs
Cleans pistons and engines
Reduces fuel and oil consumption
Minimizes varnish and sludge
Provides excellent protection against engine wear.




Furnishing the information contained herein does not constitute a repressentation by Sigma Oil Industries Limited that any product of process is free from patent
infringement claims of any third party nor does it constitute the granting of a license under any patent of Sigma Oil Industrues Limited or any third party. Sigma Oil
Industries Limited assumes no liability for any infringment which mifht arise out of the use of the product. The information and suggestions to use and application
presented herein represent the best information available to us and are belived to be reliable. They should not however be considered as controling suggestions and users
urged to conduct confirmatory test to determine final suitablity for their specific end uses. Sigma Oil Industries Limited warranties only that it’s products meet the
specification which is set for them and specially DISCLAIMS ALL OTHER WARRANTIES relating to the products and the application thereof EXPRESS or IMPLIED
including but not limited to warranties of MERCHANTABILITY and FLTNESS.



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